Slow robots for unobtrusive posture correction

Slowly moving a monitor to induce unobtrusive posture corrections.

Smart manikin. Virtual Humans with Agency for Design Tools

We introduce a smart, digital mannequin with agency that responds to high-level commands and to real-time design changes.

The Effects of Interruption Timings on Autonomous Height-Adjustable Desks that Respond to Task Changes

We set out to find the best timing for autonomous changing desk height to minimize interruption and discomfort.

Interactive and Situated Guidelines to Help Users Design a Personal Desk that Fits Their Bodies

We explored the application of human factor guidelines in personal fabrication.

Actuating a Monitor for Posture Changes

We explored and designed six types of interactions between an actuated monitor and a user to induce posture changes.

Situated Game Level Editing in Augmented Reality

We present the design of an Augmented Reality game level editor for everybody to make games in the living room.

Rolling Graphics

We present a novel concept for designing and fabricating roll cakes with custom cross-section graphics.

3D printed surface textures to influence taste

We explore the multi sensory effects between touch and taste.

Couples Designing Together

An design application that supports couples designing their living room together.

Consumer to Creator

We studied 16 households in process of selecting and purchasing furniture items. Our insights help designing future fabrication interfaces.

Ori-Mandu: Korean dumplings in whatever shape you want

A novel and hybrid process that uses custom fabricated tools that assist in the process of cooking dumplings.

Mirror Mirror: An On-Body Clothing Design System

A design system that combines spatial augmented reality with a mirror display.


Posing and acting as input for personalizing furniture.

Spatial, Physical Computing with the Gluons

Small battery powered devices that can be used to create, test, and tune smart sensor/actuator networks.

Calm Automaton

A toolkit for making personal, shape changing displays that gently display information in the periphery.


A shelf design application that runs on multiple tablets that projects the design real-time and real-scale in the living room.


A strategy for displacing big objects by attaching relatively small vibration sources.

User Review Analysis

A new technique that uses big data to uncover user needs for product designers.


A smart phone accessory that helps users to locate objects with radio frequency tags.

I-Eng: An Interactive Toy for Second Language Learning

An interactive toy set aiming to teach new languages to young children between the ages of 3 - 5.

Interactive Training Chopsticks

Interactive training chopsticks that help children develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination that are needed for eating with chopsticks.

Flying Camera

Novel flying cameras that provide teleoperators a 3rd person view on ground robots.


Ikea Hacking as open design.

Photochromic Carpet

A large size interactive floor display that captures visitors' footsteps in playful prints to make an environment into a canvas of past activities.


A tool that assists users of laser cutters to make overlap-free 2D layouts.

Delft Blue by Me

Personal Delft Blue souveniers. Using Augmented Reality users portrait themselves in Delft Blue and souveniers are custom made.

Shader Printer

A stateful projector display that uses bi-stable color changing inks.

Slow Display

A novel tradeoff between projection and print.

Material Design Workshop

Spatial augmented reality to "sketch" materials on objects.