new students: Jaeho and Donghyeok

Jaeho and Donghyeok join the lab from the spring 2018. Both completed the undergraduate at Industrial Design KAIST and continue in the graduate school.


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Anthony Wilson wins URP Grand Prize

Anthony Wilson, an undergraduate student of industrial design KAIST and intern in My Design Lab, received the Grand Prix for his Undergraduate Research Participation (URP) Project. Advised by Prof. Daniel Saakes and T.A. Joongi Shin, he developed a Virtual Reality application for exercising in the gym that works with 360 video.

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2018 Winter School with Kyushu University

The Transfabrication course taught together by Prof. Daniel Saakes and professors from Kyushu University as part of the K2 program, has been successfully completed. Both students from IDKAIST and Kyushu university participated in the course.

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Field Trip to the Haitai Factory in Daejeon

Today, students from the Digital Fabrication Course, along with Professor Daniel and Ms. Bokyung Lee, visited the Haitai Factory in Daejeon in order to experience first-hand the manufacturing process of the 오예스 (oh-yes) chocolate cakes.


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My Design Lab at the Open KAIST 2017

At the 2017 Open KAIST event, students from elementary school up to High School visited the lab and experienced some of our most recent works through the demos.

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Ratchair on Discovery Channel Canada

Discovery Channel Canada came to our lab to interview Tanya and Daniel Saakes about the RatChair , to be included in the Daily Planet show.

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Works Presented at ISUVR 2017 in NAIST

On this ISUVR 2017, held at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), two of our lab members Gary and Joongi presented two of our lab's works.


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Ori-Mandu at the ACM DIS Conference 2017

On June 13th, our lab members travelled to Scotland to this year's DIS in order to present about Ori-Mandu . Ori-Mandu uses a novel fabrication process to make Mandu’s (Korean dumplings) in any shape.

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Doori Noori Presented at KSDS Spring 2017

On Saturday 3rd, members of our lab traveled to the 선신여대 in Seoul to present work about the electronic mailbox, Doori Noori at KSDS Spring 2017. Doori Noori is meant to emotionally connect parents and their preschoolers by allowing the transfer of postcards with photographs between their preschoolers at preschool and them parents at work. Find out more about KSDS

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Computer Aided Design Class Projects on Display

Lamps made in the Computer Aided Design Course (ID219) 2017 were exhibited in front of the Audi-KAIST lounge on May 18th.


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projects at CHI'17

We will show a few new works at CHI, all on Monday! In the paper track we present consumer to creator . In the video showcase program we will show the new video of Ratchair, and how to custom make Korean dumplings with Ori-Mandu. In the interactivity track we will demonstrate Calm Automaton.

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Seungryeol Kim wins URP Grand Prize

SeungRyeol Kim our 1st year Master's Candidate, advised by Daniel Saakes and T.A. Bokyung Lee, received the URP grand prize for his work titled “Gesture-based trafficator to improve driver to traffic communication”


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new students: Maria and Seungryeol

Maria and SeungRyeol join the lab from the spring 2017. Both completed the undergraduate at Industrial Design KAIST and continue in the graduate school.


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Trafficator Presented at KSDS Fall 2016

SeungRyeol presented trafficator, his undergraduate thesis project, at the KSDS fall conference in Busan.


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BodyMeter and TwoShelves accepted for NordiCHI 2016

BodyMeter is a user-centered approach where posing and acting is input for personalizing furniture in a virtual reality environment. TwoShelves is a an augmented reality design application for couples to design their living room together. Find out more about NordiCHI

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Joon Gi Shin Joins my Design Lab

Joon received his bachelors degree in Industrial Design at the University of the Arts in United States. He is interested in communication and UX design.

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RatChair wins Digital Content Expo Prize at SIGGRAPH 2016

Ratchair won the Digital Context Expo award at Siggraph 2016 and will be demonstrated in Tokyo later this year.


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RatChair to be Demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2016

Ratchair will be demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2016 Emerging Technologies.

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Visit from Students of the National University of Singapore

Over 20 students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) visited myDesignLab. NUS visit

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Two Presentations at KSDS Spring 2016

Gary Ng presented his paper on gesture based interface for remote inspection tasks with unmanned aerial vehicles at the KSDS spring conference at the Korea National University of Arts


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Computer Aided Design Class Projects on Display

Lamps made in the Computer Aided Design Course (ID219) are exhibit in the lobby of N25 at KAIST until April 14th. Lamp Exhibition

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I-Eng Featured in ACM Interactions

I-Eng made by Hayeon Jeong was already featured in the Demo Hour Interactions and in the current volume as How Was it Made.

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Mirror Mirror Accepted to CHI 2016

Mirror Mirror is accepted for CHI 2016 in San Jose.


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Gesture and Spatial Controlled System wins URP Award

Tanya won the Excellence Award for her Undergraduate Research Project (URP) on Gesture and Spatial controlled system of moving everyday objects


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Talk at HCI Korea 2016

Gyeol Han presented her paper on "User Research for Experience of Fashion Design System Based on Spatial Augmented Reality" at the HCI Korea 2016 conference. The paper reveals details of a new user study performed with the Mirror Mirror .

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Jundong Park Joins myDesignLab as a MSc Candidate

Jundong Park joins my Design Lab as a Masters candidate! Jundong received his bachelors degree in Industrial Design at KAIST with a sub-major in Mechanical Engineering. He is interested in how calm emotions relate to our busy-energetic modern lives and how design could be a medium between the two.

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Website Redesign

With a new year comes a new beginning! 2015 was a great year for the lab and to start 2016 off we have redesigned our website to give it a new look. Hears to a good 2016!

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Mirror Mirror Demo at Maker Festival 2015

Mirror Mirror went back to Seoul for Maker Festival! Maker Festival is a part of Creative Korea 2015, a government funded exhibition for creative works.


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RULR Toolkit Workshop at ID KAIST

We invited Elliot Woods from Kimchi and Chips for a Rulr workshop.


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myDesignLab at IASDR 2015

Bokyung Lee will present her paper Online User Reviews as a Design Resource at the biannual conference of the International Associations of Societies of Design Research in Brisbane, Australia.


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TagRadar at Tokyo Design Week 2015

Tagradar goes back to Japan! Felix will demonstrate TagRadar at the ID KAIST booth on Tokyo Design Week 2015.


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Virtual Reality Sketching Talk at KSDS Fall 2015

Minjoo Cho, a masters student at myDesignLab, went to Gwangju for the Fall KSDS 2015 conference over the weekend to give a talk about sketching in virtual reality for rapid and situated idea generation. Find out more about KSDS .

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Work Featured at DeSForM 2015

Work by Professor Saakes on 3D printed designs are currently being featured at DeSForM 2015 in Milan, Italy. Gyeol Han from our lab had the opportunity to go to the event to check out the talks and workshops. Find out more about DeSForM 2015.

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Maker Faire Seoul 2015

myDesignLab was at Maker Faire Seoul 2015 to demonstrate gesture controlled moving furnature. Despite the chilly and rainy weather, a lot of people came out to check out this year's Maker Faire. Many people were impressed with the gestured moving furnature display that we had, with a lot of interest shown to our initial prototypes, the BrushBots, that we also had for show. Find out more about Maker Faire Seoul.

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TagRadar and I-Eng at UbiComp 2015

Tagradar (shown) and I-Eng will be demonstrated at UbiComp 2015 in Osaka, Japan.

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Gary Ng joins myDesignLab as a MSc Candidate

Gary Ng joins myDesignLab as a Masters student. Gary completed his undergraduate degree in Game Development and Entrepreneurship in Canada at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

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Painting Drone wins Undergraduate Research Project Encouragement Award

The Painting Drone, created by undergraduate students Alex Balio and Sam Ukolov, win the Undergraduate Research Project (URP) Encouragement Award.

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MirrorMirror at Siggraph 2015

MirrorMirror was demonstrated at Siggraph 2015, held in Los Angeles.

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Article Published in Open Design Now

Daniel Saakes published an article in Open Design Now (오픈 디자인) on Lampan lamps .

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MirrorMirror Exhibits at DDP, Seoul

MirrorMirror was exhibited at DongDaeMun Design Plaza, one of the main urban development landmarks in Seoul.

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Prof.Caroline Hummel's visit to myDesignLab

Prof.Caroline Hummels vistied myDesignLab on May 28th after giving her seminar at IDKAIST.

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IKEA Hacking featured on Korean Webzines

The Big Lampan Lamp was featured by the Korean Institute of Design Promotion . The IKEA Hacking lamp is still available on instructables for your hacking convenience.

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Daniel Saakes on KBS Radio

Daniel Saakes was invited as a guest in "Touch Base in Seoul" from KBS Radio. He talked about his life at KAIST, his past and current projects and designs to be released soon. Touch Base in Seoul

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The configurable 3D printed carkey paper is accepted at DesforM 2015

The configurable 3D printed carkey paper is accepted at DesForM 2015

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new students: Gyeol Han and Minjoo Cho

Gyeol Han and Minjoo Cho joined the lab as Master's students. Gyeol Han finished her undergraduate course at Industrial Design KAIST in 2015 and Minjoo Cho worked as a product manager at Samsung Mobile from 2011 to 2014 after graduating from Electrical Engineering in 2011.

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Interactive Training Chopsticks presented at ACE 2014

Foong Yi Chia presented interactive training chopsticks at the Advancement in Entertainment Computing conference 2014 and won the bronze demo award. The chopsticks embed advanced sensors to detect what the user is doing. Two interactive games use the chopsticks as a controller to teach children the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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Paper Presentation at KSDS

Seo Young Back and Junhee Min presented their paper "rich textures" at the bi-annual Korean Society for Design Science conference at UNIST in Ulsan. They received the second best research achievement award.

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Undergraduate Research Presentation and Award

Seo Young Back and Junhee Min presented the results of their undergraduate research project "rich textures" and received the research encouragement award from president Kang of KAIST.

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Interview on KAIST website

Daniel Saakes was interviewed on the KAIST website.

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Froukje Sleeswijk Visser visits My Design Lab

Froukje Sleeswijk Visser visited id KAIST and we hosted a workshop on "user insights" and "personalizing products".

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Paper Presentation at KSDS

Bokyung Lee will present her paper "user review analysis" at the bi-annual conference of the Korean Society of Design Science in Incheon.

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Cardboard Lamps

As a teaser assignment for the undergraduate CAD course at idKAIST, students got one week to design and fabricate a lamp using 2 cardboard boxes and a laser cutter. The results are fantastic!

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External Advisery Board visits My Design Lab

We presented our plans to the External Advisory Board.

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Workshop at Yonsei university

Daniel Saakes delivered a workshop at the design department of Yonsei University in Seoul with the topic "Designing for designers". In the workshop the participants developed a so called "fab app" an application for generating products for 3D printing.

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Seo Young Baek and Joonhee Min join the lab as URP students.

Seo Young Baek and Joonhee Min received the KAIST URP scholarship with their Undergraduate Research Proposal. They will join the MID lab till the summer and work on CMF for 3D printing.

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Bokyung Lee joins my lab.

Lydia Bokyung Lee starts the id-KAIST graduate program this spring and joins the lab!

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Presentation at ICAT conference and Best Paper Award

We will present paper at the 23rd International Conference on Artificial Reality and Tele-Existence (ICAT) in Tokyo and received the best paper award.

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Seminar Alvaro Cassinelli

Alvaro Cassinelli of the University of Tokyo will talk at id KAIST.

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Demonstration at ACE Conference

The Photochromic Carpet and Alphabet Shoes will be presented at ACE (Advances Computer Entertainment) in Twente, the Netherlands. The carpet consists of color changing smart material that is activated by footsteps. In that way a floor becomes a playful canvas for children to explore.

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Paper presentation at UIST conference

Paper presentation at ACM UIST in St. Andrews. Although there are many sophisticated methods available for packing 2D shapes, oftentimes a human in the loop in required to satisfy soft constraints, for instance, to make tradeoffs between aesthetics and reducing material waste. PACCAM supports users making manual layouts and is specifically geared towards the occasional users in fab labs.

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Foong Yi Chia joins the lab

Foong Yi Chia joins the lab and will pursue her master degree at id KAIST.

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Start of My Design Laboratory at id KAIST

Today is the first day of My Design Lab in the department of Industrial Design at KAIST in the Republic of Korea. We look at users as the designers of their own life. We innovate in open design, physical design tools, custom design as service and local manufacturing using digital fabrication.

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