We are based at the Department of Industrial Design, KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) in The Republic of Korea.


KAIST My Design Lab
Building N25, Room 311
291 Daehak-Ro Yuseong-Gu
Daejeon 34141
Republic of Korea
tel: +82 (0) 42 350 4565
Fax: +82 (0) 42 350 4510

How to get to KAIST from the airport

The KAIST campus is south of Seoul about 1 hour with the high speed train. Many people like the bus (2.5 hours) but most convenient is to take an AREX from the airport to Seoul station. From Seoul station take a KTX high-speed train to Daejeon.

In Daejeon take a taxi to KAIST, or use the subway. From subway station KAIST/Wolpyeon to our building takes about 30 minutes on foot along the river. Visit the how to get to KAIST page for more details.

How to get to our building

from the taxi stop to id building

Our building is near the taxi stop in the center of the campus. Show the following to a taxi driver (anywhere in Daejeon)
카이스트 기계동 택시승강장으로 가주세요.
(KAIST gigyedong taegsi seung gang jang euro ga juseyo)