Interactive Training Chopsticks

Handling chopsticks requires fine motor skills that are challenging to master. We present interactive training chopsticks that help children develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination that are needed for eating with chopsticks. We implement two games that use the chopsticks as a controller for an augmented mirror application to guide children through the required hours of repetitive practice in the process of learning chopsticks.

Various sensors are embedded in the interactive chopsticks to capture user behavior by detecting number of actions : chopsticks touch food on each of the sections of the plate; chopstick tips touch together; and chopstick tips touch the user’s mouth.

Foongyi Chia, Daniel Saakes. Interactive Training Chopsticks to improve fine motor skills Proceeding of the 11th Advancements in Computer Entertainment Technology Conference, November 2014, Bronze Demo Award.

ACE 2014, 11 Nov 2014 - 14 Nov 2014. Madeira, Portugal.