Situated Game Level Editing in Augmented Reality

Game Level Editor

Game Level Editor

Level editors let end-users create custom levels and content within a given video game. In this paper, we explore the concept and design of Augmented reality game level editors. These new types of editors are not only spatial and embodied, but also situated, as they enable users to tailor games to the unique characteristics and emotional value of their own space.

We present the design and implementation of a prototype level editor that runs on the Microsoft HoloLens. The editor enables users to add virtual content in their homes and add interactions through spatial trigger-action game-logic programming.

We had pairs of students create games with the prototype and play each other’s games. They reported that games are fun to make, play, and watch others play. Based on the design and evaluation, we propose guidelines for Augmented reality game-authoring tools for end users.

Situated Game Level Editing in Augmented Reality. Gary Ng, Joon-Gi Shin, Alexander Plopski, Christian Sandor and Daniel Saakes. In TEI '18. 2018. [doi] [bib]