Actuating a Monitor for Posture Changes


The position and orientation of a monitor affects users’ behavior at their desk. In this formative study, we explored and designed four types of interactions between an actuated monitor and a user to induce posture changes.


We built a virtual monitor that simulates the motions of an actuated monitor and slowly moved in the opposite direction of unbalanced sitting postures. We conducted an explorative study with eight participants. The study showed participants’ responses and step by step posture changes toward balanced sitting postures. We share considerations for designing monitor actuations that induce posture intervention.

Formative study

As a first step we play-acted the actuated monitor in a Wizard-of-Oz style formative study. A researcher hid behind a fake wall and moved the monitor to gain a basic understanding how monitor motions induce posture changes.

The setup

Then we simulated a monitor on a large 4K screen. The virtual monitor moves horizontal and vertical, and rotates. Through scaling we simulated movement towards and away from the user. Again, we used Wizard-of-Oz to move the virtual monitor. Our next step will be to build a real actuated monitor and include 4 degrees of freedom, 3 axis and 1 rotation.