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Daniel Saakes

Daniel Saakes / Director

Daniel Saakes (석 다니엘) is trained as an industrial design engineer at Delft University of Technology and he likes making things and making things that make things.

Lydia Bokyung Lee

Lydia Bokyung Lee / PhD Candidate

Bokyung graduated from the undergraduate Industrial Design program at KAIST with MyPill++, a pill container design for seniors. She started in Spring of 2014 in the graduate school of Industrial Design with the tentative topic of Designing in the Living Room.

Joon Gi Shin

Joon Gi Shin / PhD Candidate

Joon received his bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at the University of the Arts in the United States. He joined the lab in Fall of 2016. He is interested in communication and UX design.

Gyeol Han

Gyeol Han / Master's Candidate

Gyeol graduated KAIST's undergraduate Industrial Design program with BOP (Between Openness and Privacy) tools to protect privacy offline. She joined myDesignLab in Spring of 2015. She is interested in various design areas such as visual communication as well as merging technology with design.

Jundong Park

Jundong Park / Master's Candidate

Jundong received his bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at KAIST with a sub-major in Mechanical Engineering. He has a great fondness for books and joined in the Spring of 2016. Jundong is interested in how calm emotions relate to our busy-energetic modern lives and how design could be a medium between the two.

Maria Reyes

Maria Reyes / Master's Candidate

Maria earned her bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at KAIST with Doori Noori, which she was awarded the Excellence Award for. She joined myDesignLab in Spring of 2017 and is interested in tangible interaction design using open source hardware and software.

Seungryeol Kim

Seungryeol Kim / Master's Candidate

Seungryeol earned his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at KAIST with his Trafficator project. He is interested in cars, not only its design but also history, technology, and social role. He joined myDesignLab in the Spring of 2017.


Gary Ng

Gary Ng / Alumni (MSc)

Gary received his bachelor's degree in Game Development and Entrepreneurship at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Canada. He joined the lab in Fall of 2015 and graduated from the lab in the 2017 Spring semester.

Minjoo Lisa Cho

Minjoo Lisa Cho / Alumni (MSc)

Minjoo received her bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering in 2011 at KAIST. Prior to joining the lab in Spring of 2015, she worked as a Product Manager at Samsung Electronics. Minjoo graduated from the lab in the 2016 Fall semester with her project Calm Automaton.

Foong-Yi Chia

Foong-Yi Chia / Alumni (MSc)

Foong-Yi joined the lab in the 2013 Fall semester with a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering. Her master's thesis project was TwoShelves, a collaborative platform for couples designing at home. Foong-Yi graduated in the Spring of 2015 and is currently working for Samco Korea.

Alumni Researchers and Interns

Minkyeong Lee (2016) Consumer to Creator

Sumin Jang (Summer 2016) Visualizing Furniture Layouts in AR

Jaewoong Han (Spring 2016) 3D Printing and Mold Making

Tetiana Parshakova (2015 - 2016) RatChair

Sangyeob Lee (Summer 2015) Interactive Camera System Interface

Seoyoung Baek and Joonhee Min (Summer 2015) Surface Texturing in 3D Printing

Alex Balio and Sam Ukolov (2014 - 2015) Painting Drone

Felix Shin (2013 - 2015) Tagradar

Hayeon Jeong (Winter 2013) I-Eng

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