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Presentation at ICAT conference and Best Paper Award

11 December 2013. We presented our paper at the 23rd International Conference on Artificial Reality and Tele Existance in Tokyo and received the best paper award.

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Seminar Alvaro Cassinelli

26 November 2013. Alvaro Cassinelli of Tokyo University gives a talk at ID KAIST

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Demonstration at ACE Conference

13 November 2013. We demoed the Photochromic Carpet and Alphabet Shoes at ACE (Advances Computer Entertainment) in Twente, Netherlands. The carpet consists of color changing smart material that is activated by footsteps. In that way a floor becomes a playful canvas for children to explore.

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Paper presentation at UIST conference

11 October 2013. We presented a paper at ACM UIST in St. Andrews in the U.K. regarding the efficients layouts for CNC fabrication. Although there are many sophisticated methods available for packing 2D shapes, oftentimes a human in the loop in required to sasify soft constraints, for instance, to make tradeoffs between aesthetics and reducing material waste.

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Foong Yi Chia joins the lab

02 September 2013. Foong Yi Chia joins the lab and will pursue her master degree at ID Kaist.

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